David Vining

David Vining

Getting Back Into Gear With Samaritan Physical Therapy

"I spent 4 weeks in intensive care last spring and 2 months in long-term acute care after an automobile accident so severe that I later learned that doctors didn't think I would survive. I'm thankful every day to be here and would like to share my experience.

"I was in halo traction for 2 1/2 months while recovering from my automobile injuries and as a result had back and neck issues requiring physical therapy. I chose Samaritan Physical Therapy and have nothing but positive things to say about my experience. With no manipulation, just a series of progressive exercises, my only remaining pain stems from the healing still occurring within my body. I’m very enthusiastic about the type of treatment I received and regularly use my Treat Your Own Back book that Eric [Eric Olson, PT, Cert. MDT] gave me. I recommend the book, written by Robin McKenzie (developer of McKenzie Method, aka, mechanical diagnosis and therapy), to others experiencing back and neck pain. As someone used to being very physically active and getting things done, I tried to move farther with my exercises than Eric recommended and my body reminded me to slow back down. My tip for people is to mind your body when it says you've done enough!

"I felt like Eric was attuned to how I was feeling and gave me the right exercises at the right time to reduce my pain substantially. He treated me with humor, but in a personable and professional manner that was easy to accept. I would recommend Samaritan Physical Therapy to anyone seeking treatment for back and neck pain."

– David Vining


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