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World traveler, Allison Russell, returned to her hometown of Moses Lake to stay when she met her husband, Brooks, also a Moses Lake native. A series of adverse medical events led her to seek care at Samaritan Obstetrics and Gynecology where she made the acquaintance of Brian Truong, MD. Hesitant at first to see a male doctor, she came to appreciate his sense of humor and friendly, outgoing personality. When it was time to start their family, Dr. Truong was at the top of Allison and Brooks’ list for obstetric care.

Allison is a tremendous fan of Dr. Truong and references their doctor/patient relationship as a friendship, in fact she jokes "my husband says we need to have another baby so we can continue to see Brian on a regular basis." All humor aside, she felt having a doctor who was available, compassionate and made every appointment an enjoyable, informative experience was invaluable. Allison immediately recommends Dr. Truong to friends that are expecting or looking for gynecological care. An advocate for Samaritan Healthcare, she never hesitates to challenge someone who doesn’t believe Samaritan offers quality care.

The Russell’s positive experience didn’t end with Dr. Truong. Allison states that every visit to Samaritan hospital whether for an ultrasound, non-stress test or eventually her delivery, is a testament to the quality care Samaritan focuses on.  When it came time to deliver baby Burke, Allison recounts a particularly frightening period during labor when the baby’s heart rate decelerations became cause for concern. During this critical situation she feels that the Mother Baby staff not only acted with precision and expertise, but went out of their way to be reassuring, calm and informative without scaring this first time mom. She laughs now about meeting (former) Mother Baby Unit Director, Katie Bussard, R.N., for the first time as Katie came into their room wearing street clothes to help with the emergent circumstances. During her delivery, Allison saw a side of Dr. Truong that increased her respect for his dedication. "He handled our delivery with such professionalism. I saw the depth of his skill set and realized just how big his job is and how seriously he takes it."

Now that Burke is here safely; a healthy, handsome and growing boy, Allison reflects on the Samaritan staff that has made new motherhood so enjoyable for her. She gives glowing compliments to everyone involved in her care, from the beginning of her pregnancy to the transition of becoming a mother. She includes, Cassandra Perez, R.N., Samaritan’s Lactation Consultant, as an important member of her care team. "She has been such a lifesaver to me. I doubt I would be breastfeeding if it weren’t for her, her availability, and Samaritan’s Breastfeeding  Support Group", says Allison.


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